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Produzioni musicali elettroniche
Record label for electronic music





Time for the host to show up: HomeMadeZucchero co-founder Giesse gets in the game with a one track EP plus
Demdike Stare's rmx able to fully scan one composition from two absolutely different perspectives.
Main track Goji is a deep and overwhelming embrace among decadent IDM sounds, grooves oscillating between
jungle and drum'n'bass, and rarefied atmospheres based on vague hip-hop reminiscences turned into echoing
and saturnine shards.
The remix brought by Demdike Stare, strips the original piece to its bare bone by subtracting elements
and shaping everything in three different blocks, working like independent acts that climax in a stunning
drums maelstrom and resolves into a dramatic ending tending to a relentless sonic collapse.

Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"


HomeMadeZucchero welcomes Nicolò for HMZ004 with his first EP.
Fourth stage for the HomeMadeZucchero record label, back with a 4-track EP by Nicolò.
Breaking down boundaries between genera, the work, on the A side, recalls a bristolian drums approach which leads to a Brazilian favelas new millenium scenario.
The B side has more of a melting experimental-bass approach, gaining speed on the astonishing remix by the Japanese producer YPY.

Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"


Third chapter by HomeMadeZucchero very own Meze is a 4 dimension disengaged statement.
Wide ambiances wrap mental bass lines and saturated dynamics in a minimalistic melodics drama.
Tempered by icy harmonic pads and human shreds.

Format: 140 gram vinyl 12"

HMZ003 available via mail-order


Second born to mother HomeMadeZucchero, after the unanimous approval of Meze's 12".
From the dark sub-terranean 3 compositions are molded, percussive and acid Techno balanced by drones and aquatic bleeps leave Cibele bare to his ice cold aura and hypnotic call.

Remix of "Cibele" by Neel.
12" Vinyl in limited edition of 200 numbered copies.


The first release on vinyl of HomeMadeZucchero by Meze.
Different techno with dirty bass influence.
The Ep is pressed on Vinyl in a limited edition of 200 copies
4 tracks (3 tracks by Meze + the remix of ”Chaos in Cairo” by Marco Shuttle)


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HMZ Journey #2 - Giesse

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